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Ska kopiera lite saker som jag har läst och all credit goes to https://www.facebook.com/SMent.EXO
Men ja i alla fall ska skriva nu och jag dog när jag fick reda på att min bebis Woohyun pratade med Luhan~~ Jag menar två members av mina två favorit grupper prata till sammans är bara för underbartttttt!!!!<3
130128 @ MBC Idol Championship
(Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol, Luhan, Tao & Suho)

* Fans who went to the idol sports said that B.A.P’s Daehyun kept on looking at Luhan who was eating what the fans gave him non stop and he just kept on looking. And then, Luhan asked: “… … Do you want to eat?” and then Daehyun happily said: “I’ll eat it~~~”. (cr:萱草exo)

* Chanyeol and Baekhyun was playing just now. Chanyeol was hugging Baekhyun’s neck and said something to him next to his ear. He tied a bowtie on Baekhyun’s hand with the cheering stick. (cr: 川川川__)

* Chanyeol helped Luhan to massage his arms. He was swinging Luhan’s arms along with the cheering rhythm of other group’s fans. Luhan didn’t have much interactions and so he was playing with a water bottle at one side. 

* Just now, Chanyeol was whispering to Sehun’s ears and he just suddenly grabbed Sehun. It was so manly. And then went on to hug Tao and said a line or two. Tao waved his hand at Chanyeol. (cr: clover_cy)

* Tao brushed the ends of Suho’s hair in a very cute way for a few times. (cr: 川川川__)

* Luhan & Daehyun shared food, gave Yongjae his biscuits, chatted with Woohyun & TASTY. Suho chatted with Donghyun & Himchan (buingbuingKK,yixing0114)

* Luhan nodded and greeted members of other groups, he was really polite! [cr: deerLuHan無敵小鹿-鹿晗应援站]

* A few of the members huddled together, not sure if they were keeping warm or cheering each other~ [cr: deerLuHan無敵小鹿-鹿晗应援站]

* When taking the oath, exo members raised their hands obediently in front of their chests. Other group's idols didn't do that [cr: woo_long]

* Luhan was so happy to see the cheerleaders and started twisting (his ass) as well [cr: TRUST仰望]

* Baekhyun danced along to apink's dance [cr: woolong]

* Luhan's really excited, pulling baekhyun in to chat one second, Sehun the next and then to Chanyeol [cr: deerLuHan無敵小鹿-鹿晗应援站]

* Suho seems addicted to fiddling with the flag, Chanyeol seems to also want to play (with the flag).... [cr:Lim霖_Dream]

* Sehun is in the midst of annoy everyone while Luhan and Tao are being noisy playfully [cr:Lim霖_Dream]

* Luhan and Sehun whispered a lot while waiting.. And when they were exiting, Luhan hopped his way through [cr: TRUST仰望] =v=

* Before entering waiting room, Suho used pretended to do javelin with the flag [cr: 阿零零_myun]

* Before leaving, Baekhyun pretended to throw things at fans [cr: BobieeYv]

* Tao backhugged Sehun [cr: 二078 ]

* Luhan greeted Infinite's L but he didn't see.... So Luhan turned and left... [cr: 怒怒est_] (naweee så synd tänk om detta skulle leda till en vacker vänskap mellan mina två favorit grupper men aja)

* Fans are chanting EXO EXO EXO! Suho and Luhan clenched their fists and chanted together with fans [cr: Lim霖_Dream]

* There's a gagman jogging around at the venue, Luhan is especially happy watching him and keeps clapping as he laughs [cr:TRUST仰望_with鹿晗]

* During women's race, Luhan clapped his hands together in front of his chest, tapping them together gently & watching in a daze [trust luhan]

* They interacted with Girl's Day, cheering for their teammates.. Luhan swayed around blindly [cr: trustluhan]

* Tao wanted to give Suho a massage but end up frightening him instead.. [cr:小相的樱桃Tao]

* Chanyeol backhugged Luhan [cr:Yhan-影]

* men 70m run, Luhan's really nervous and keeps touching his chest (heart) [cr: twinned poison] lol he isn't even competing in that

* Luhan ran up front and squatted down to cheer for Sehun..... [cr: Twinned_Poison]

* At the start Luhan imitated the running gesture and cheered for Sehun [cr: TRUST仰望_with鹿晗]

* Sehun lifted luhan up, they were all really excited~ [cr: twinned poison]

* Chanyeol dragged Luhan and thanked fans, fans all shouted "LUHAN!!!!!" [cr: twinned poison]

* Sehun hugging Luhan, Baekhyun smached Luhan's bottom [cr: Yhan-影]

* Luhan snatched Sehun's fan support and punched him in the tummy, really mischievous~ [cr: Yhan-影]

* Luhan and Chanyeol tried to fight with "swords" using their fan support lightstick but Luhan accidentally hit Chanyeol's eye [cr: dc]
(it's nothing serious, no injury)

* Luhan was nervous in the interview prior to his competition, the mc mentioned that he's from China and told him jiayou~ [cr: EXO-鹿-凡-兴-]

* Suho chatted with BAP's himchan! [cr: 力灿]

* Suho talked to Boyfriend's leader too! [cr: woo_long]

* Luhan, Suho and Chanyeol waved to the managers watching from the standees, it was a really warm scene~ [cr: woo_long]

* Baekhyun keeps sitting, standing, sitting, standing, sitting and standing [cr: woo_long]

* Jokwon interviewed Luhan & Luhan said he didn't run very fast so Jokwon asked where he think he would rank and Luhan said 5th He then asked Luhan who he think would rank last and Luhan apologized! [cr: Twinned_Poison] 

* Luhan won bronze medal!

* After Luhan got the medal, they all went and bow to the audience [cr: 阿零零_myun]

Here's another compilation of fan accounts that were already translated >>http://heenim.info/post/41693104673


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